Unauthorised New York Exhibition: Building Castles In The Sky: 250 Bowery, New York City

28 May - 30 December 2022

Important:  All original paintings and sculpture in this exhibition have been gratefully loaned from collectors of Andipa. The artist known as Banksy is not involved in this exhibition and has not provided any endorsements or support nor artworks for this show. This exhibition is independently curated and presented. The artworks and objects presented in the exhibition are all from private collections.


THIS EXHIBITION is an imposing event that brings together more than 100 works and objects by the British artist known as Banksy, in a collection that gives an account of his entire production: twenty years of activity that begin with the paintings of the very first phase of his career, up to works from Dismaland.

Banksy's imagery is simple but not elementary, with messages that examine the themes of capitalism, war, social control and freedom in a broad sense and within the paradoxes of our time.

This exhibition examines Banksy's images within a semantic framework that vehicles their origins and references.

The exhibition is presented by Associazione Metamorfosi in collaboration with GC Events and it is curated by Stefano Antonelli and Gianluca Marziani with all original paintings and sculptures loaned by Andipa's collectors.


Discover our selection of Banksy original paintings at Andipa Gallery.

Installation Views