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  • With the rise in prices of Banksy artworks over the course of the last 10 years, the last 3 years in particular, we often speak with clients both existing and new to Andipa about choosing between the higher value prints and original paintings. In today’s article we weigh up what to consider when choosing between a painting and a print.
  • Banksquiat. Boy and Dog in Stop and Search
    Banksy collectors new and old watched in eager anticipation as the Basquiat inspired work, “Banksquiat. Boy and Dog in Stop and Search” appeared at Phillips, New York on the 18th of May 2023 with an estimate of $8,000,000 - 12,000,000. Part of the 20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale, the imposing artwork measuring some 243.8 x 344.5 cm and appeared amongst other 20th century luminaries including Picasso, Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. In today’s article we explore the exciting work.
  • Spring | As told through Banksy
    Spring is in the air and with it comes the season of rebirth and new beginnings. Historically, Spring has been welcomed in many ways across many cultures over many years. In Ancient Greece and in Homeric poetry, we can find spring mentioned in similes, those vivid passages that engage all the senses and heighten the narrative. One such passage sees Winter mocking Spring, to which Spring replies, "Indeed, that is exactly why mankind would be glad to get rid of you, whereas even the mere mention of my name is enough to bring them pleasure. By Zeus, there is no name more pleasant than mine! That is why they remember [memnēmai] me when I am gone and give thanks when I appear [phainomai] again." We give thanks to Spring, and all that it brings, by looking at three seminal Banksy artworks that burst with a certain sense of spring…
  • May sees the first coronation of a British monarch  since 1953 when King Charles and Queen Consort Camila are crowned in the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. As the nation prepares for the historic occasion, especially our gallery which is situated in a Royal Borough, we look at how the world’s most popular street artist Banksy portrays power and monarchy through his seminal works.
  • One of the most commonly occurring themes within the works of Banksy is that of innocence. Indeed, it has hard not to think of Banksy without thinking of the seminal work Girl with Balloon. However, it is not just this work where the theme is presented, in today’s article we explore how Banksy uses various motifs and humour to communicate innocence.  

  • A Gift for Ukraine
    Just over a year ago Russia shocked the world with its invasion of Ukraine. The war and the pain it has caused to those affected, has shattered the peace in Europe that was so fragilely poised since the dark days of WW2. Whilst tears and blood that have sadly been pouring outwards in the “bread basket” of Europe, grief, kindness and compassion has flowed  inwards from many nations in support of Ukraine like a tidal exchange of humanity - both good and bad. One such figure who has shown their support is the anonymous street artist Banksy. In today’s article, we look into the recent use of one of Banksy’s street pieces produced in Ukraine as part of a run of stamps produced by the Ukrainian post office.
  • The day of love is nearly here and with it, couples, singles and those struck by cupid’s arrow celebrate this special occasion through thoughtful gifts, blooming bouquets of flowers and reminding those important people in their life of how much they care. In today’s article we examine the theme of love as shown through four seminal works by Banksy.
  • Valentine's Day Mascara
    Today, Valentine’s Day 2023, Banksy confirmed on his official Instagram account the authorship of a recent street piece that appeared in Margate, Kent. In today’s article we examine the latest artwork from the world’s most elusive and in-demand street artist.
  • Punked

    Is Banksy punk?
    Throughout Banksy’s prolific and exceptional output certain motifs and themes reemerge. Given in new contexts and thus given new life, these specific themes that the artist explores has led him to a global popularity that eclipses the street art world. Often labelled, or perceived, as a figure of counter-culture or representative thereof, authority and society are often thematically questioned in many of Banksy’s works. In today’s blog, we explore Banksy and his use of punk symbolism as told through a series of seminal works.
  • Year of the Rabbit

    As told through Banksy
    Year of the Rabbit
    This Sunday (January 22nd) marks the start of the Chinese New Year and with it a change in the animal which embodies the year. Based around a traditional 12 year cycle, the Chinese calendar assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year. Originating from China, the zodiac and its variations remain popular in many East Asian countries and is celebrated across the globe. To celebrate the year of the rabbit, we look into three seminal works by the artist known as Banksy which incorporate the animal.
  • In a Spin
    When one thinks of great contemporary artist Damien Hirst is at the top of the pile. For over three decades he has shaken the very foundations of British art in an earthquake of colour, shape, form and concepts that have reverberated throughout the artworld and establishment. In today’s article, we look into some of his most interesting works: the spin paintings.
  • Heaven or Hell

    As told by Banksy
    Heaven or Hell
    Salvation in art (or damnation for that matter) have existed since the dawn of our artistic expression. Challenging the idea of divinity and salvation with the notion of punishment and a fall from grace, heaven cannot exist without hell. Likewise, hell cannot exist without heaven. These two conflicting thoughts are the basis for our article today where we look at how Banksy presents the concept of angels and heaven and how hell is portrayed.
  • Art Basel Miami
    Director Acoris Andipa touched down in Miami this week for Art Basel Miami. Bringing together the leading galleries, VIPs and collectors the esteemed art fair specialises in modern and contemporary art.
  • Lady Madonna
    For over 55 years, Andipa have operated from the same London townhouse. Assisting collectors across the globe, Andipa was founded by Maria Andipa in 1967 and originally began life as an icons gallery. As we have grown and evolved, we have moved into fine and contemporary art. Best known for our Banksy original artworks and Banksy prints, we also deal in a wealth of art including Joan Miro paintings, original Damien Hirst artworks and Antoni Tapies to name a few. In today’s article, we explore the meeting of two very distinct worlds through the iconoclastic portrayal of mother mary and that of Banksy’s Toxic Mary.
  • Till Death Do Us Apart
    Death, the great leveller, is an inescapable part of life. Without its function meaning would be lost in our lives and like the Greek god Tithonus who was cursed to live forever it, at one point, it would be welcomed. Death is a recurring motif that appears in many of Banksy’s works. Often linked to other themes such as war, childhood and society - Banksy uses war as a backdrop that causes us to question many aspects of the modern world. In today’s article we look at the portrayal of death as told through four seminal Banksy artworks.
  • New Banksy works discovered in Ukraine

    A series of new works haunt the desolate streets
    Banksy Art Ukraine
    On a cold Friday evening in London the world was heated up by the announcement by Banksy that he had been working in Ukraine. For the past week the internet was set alight by rumours that the great artist had been in Ukraine. Working. Thinking. Producing. As confirmation was given by the official Instagram account, art collectors breathed a knowing sigh. In today’s article we examine the most recent works by the artist known as Banksy.
  • Nationalism

    In the world of Banksy
    Within Banksy’s works recurring subjects are often examined, toyed with and explored. Across the artist’s prolific output one such subject that can be seen throughout various stages within his career is that of nationalism. In today’s blog we examine how Banksy presents nationalism as told through two seminal works: the 2005 work: “Are You Using That Chair?” and 2003’s “People Who Enjoy Waving Flags Don’t Deserve To Have One”.
  • High Praise Indeed
    A little under a week has passed since Andipa hosted the VIP launch party for acclaimed singer-songer Shane MacGowan’s first steps into the world of fine art. Curated by his wife Victoria Mary Clarke, the exhibition “The Eternal Buzz & The Crock of Gold” features 21 original, never before seen works that Shane had created during the last 40 years - many during his time touring the world with his seminal band The Pogues.
  • Classic Paddies

    Frank Armstrong from Cassandra Voices shares his views
    Classic Paddies
    The music was the code. It was the transliteration of the style. It was not giving a bollocks in a thoroughly musical manner. It was fuck this and fuck that and frankly fuck you. A rockety life came with the territory. You didn’t have to be Irish. Their England had been influenced by that Ireland of the 50’s. Behan, Kavanagh, O’Brien. Roaring Boys all. Drunken, rackety, genius bores. And Shane could be as drunk and boring and rackety or he could write as beautifully as any of them.
    Bob Geldof, Waiting for Herb, 2004.
  • While urban art has experienced a sprouting of acceptance and industry-affirmed nods in the last 20 or so years, until recently, it did not have a clearly defined reputation in the art world. The following article will attempt to explain the development of the urban art movement and how it evolved from the side streets and alley-ways to high-profile private collections, auction houses and museums.
  • Seminal Stunts

    Banksy and performance art
    Seminal Stunts
    Performance art and street art seemingly go hand-in-hand. Indeed, the very location and context dependent nature of street art can arguably push the movement, in sorts, into the realms of performance. A pantomime, street art, or any art of that matter, is a symbiotic dance between the viewer and the artist. Dictating the pace, the artist sets our their stall and invites us, the viewer, to participate in said dance.Banksy’s approach to art and his use of multimedia and multi-platform events and shows can push a selection of his “pranks” into such a sphere. Gaining critical and commercial success, Banksy has pushed the boundaries of, not only, his genre but art itself. In today’s article we explore five of our favourite Banksy performance pieces.
  • Fourteen Years Ago...

    Fourteen years ago, my phone rang early as usual. The start of daily conversations with dealers, clients and collectors. Today I was asking if anyone had heard of an artist by the name of Banksy? The mysterious, underground world of graffiti and street art was alluring and had many voices but one in particular was captivating anyone prepared to stop and listen. 

  • Banksy Removes The Mask For Us
    In our world we have put great stress on being  authentic. But what does this actually mean? Especially as we have discussed for centuries in darkened corridors that we are almost never our ‘true’ selves. No, we all wear masks of one kind or  another and some of these masks are so well-fitting that we do not even realise we are wearing them at all. Yet wear them we do, in fear of being naked to  others and, perhaps more disconcerting, naked to  ourselves.
  • Viva La Revolución
    “You say you'll change the constitution
    Well, you know
    We'd all love to change your head
    You tell me it's the institution
    Well, you know
    You better free your mind instead”
    Revolution | The Beatles
  • Is Punk Dead?

    Banksy and a punk aesthetic
    Is Punk Dead?
    Over the course of Banksy’s prodigious and continuing output certain motifs and themes reemerge. Given in contexts and thus a new life, these specific themes that the artist explores has led him to a global popularity that eclipses the street art world and firmly establishes him as a great artist. Often labelled, or perceived, as a figure of counter-culture or representative thereof, authority and society are often thematically questioned in many of Banksy’s works. In today’s blog, we explore Banksy and his use of punk symbolism with two fingers in the air and told through two seminal works.
  • Monkeying About

    Monkey see, Monkey do.
    Monkeying About

    Following on from our recent article where we examined the seminal work “Heavy Weaponry” we look into another of one of Banksy’s most popular motifs as told through rare and important works that have passed through Andipa.

  • Basquiat: King Pleasure

    Andipa were recently in New York City for the launch of the latest leg of the critically acclaimed Banksy exhibition ‘Building Castles in the Sky’. Following on from previous locations which were curated by Andipa, we took the decision to step back as the esteemed location, 250 Bowery, the former International Center of Photography, is not an academic venue. However, all original paintings and sculptures were kindly loaned by collectors of Andipa. In between meetings with other galleries and museums, our team had the chance to see the wonderful Jean-Michel Basquiat: King of Pleasure. In today’s article we review the exhibition.

  • A Masterful Matisse

    Andipa rediscover a superb drawing
    A Masterful Matisse

    Andipa has rediscovered a superb drawing by Matisse created in July 1914 in preparation for the famous painting ‘Mademoiselle Yvonne Landsberg’ that currently hangs in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art. 

  • Pachyderm Punch

    Heavy Weaponry
    Banksy Heavy WEaponry

    Banksy’s prolific output over the course of the last 20 years have inspired generations of collections and shaped cultural conversation with their seemingly innocent imagery and juxtaposition. The artist, adored by many but known to few, has created powerful pieces that fit into the wider lexicon and narrative not just within street art, but within the wider artworld. In today’s article we explore two recent acquisitions by Andipa that perfectly capture the artist in both concept and exception: Heavy Weaponry and Heavy Weaponry London, New York, Bristol. 


  • In conversation...

    Director Acoris Andipa Shares three of his favourite Banksy paintings
    In conversation...

    Sitting down at our Friday catch-up, the Andipa team discussed our latest arrivals and, of course, Banksy. Within the conversation PA Alexandra Nieto and Head of Digital Alexander Yellop (If you didn’t know Director Acoris’ middle name is Alex too - completing the hallowed A named triptych) pushed Acoris as to three of his favourite Banksy paintings. 

  • Grayson Perry's Art Club

    Heartwarming and inspiring.
    Grayson Perry's Art Club

    Writer. Broadcaster. Artist. Ceramist. Painter. Sculptor. Print-maker. Essex boy. Typical man in a dress. Labels exist to define us as individuals and with Grayson Perry it seems that there are not enough labels to ever do this multifaceted and fascinating person justice. Perry’s influence not just within the art world, but within wider culture, is a joy to behold and brings colour, raises important questions and establishes dialogues through subjects that delve into the heart of what it is to be human. In today’s article, we review the latest series ‘Grayson Perry’s Art Club’ which is currently broadcast on Channel 4.

  • From the Andipa Archives

    Three Seminal Artworks
    From the Andipa Archives

    The week beginning the 28th of February is an exciting time for many Banksy collectors across the world as a series of high-profile auctions are taking place in London. Across three of the major auction houses, Banksy original paintings are taking centre stage in a strong market that reflects the demand for the elusive artist’s works. In today’s article, we rewind the clock and explore three of the works that have graced our London townhouse.

  • What it means to be human

    Exploring Quinn
    What it means to be human

    Marc Quinn first came to prominence in the early 1990s, as part of the group known as the YBAs (Young British Artists) whose work and modus operandi redefined what it was to make and experience contemporary art. The mediums that Quinn explores include sculpture, installation, and painting where he questions "what it is to be human in the world today" through subjects including the body, genetics, identity, environment, and the media. In today’s article, we look into his influences and style.


  • A Model Citizen

    Banksy was back in the headlines recently with a big result on a small scale. Following on from his Great British Spraycation adventures of last year one of the stellar new street works he produced recently sold at auction for more than £1m GBP.

  • Welcoming Tapies to our collection

    One of our latest acquisitions
    Welcoming Tapies to our collection

    One of the latest additions to the Andipa collection, spanning over 2,000 years of contemporary art, is the wonderful Homage to Picasso by Catalan artist Antoni Tapies. In today’s article we examine the painting and speak with Director Acoris Andipa as to why this is a must-have work.

  • Santa's Ghetto

    A Short Retrospective

    The festive season is fast approaching and with it we rewind the clock at Andipa and look to the past at a series of Banksy exhibitions that helped to cement him as Britain’s most prominent street artist. Taking place yearly between 2002-2007, Santa’s Ghetto was a pop up concept store that appeared in various locations across London. Organised by Pictures on Walls, the yearly show was a group exhibition featuring artists represented by the esteemed publishers. Showcasing editions, originals and sculptures notable artists included Jamie Hewlett, Mode 2, Space Invader and, of course, Banksy.

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    The importance of 3D Rat with Glasses and Fly

    Rats, along with monkeys, are an archetypal motif that Banksy uses across his works. An iconic subject, Banksy in his 2005 book Wall and Peace, writes“[Rats] exist without permission. They are hated, hunted and persecuted. They live in quiet desperation amongst the filth. And yet they are capable of bringing entire civilisations to their knees. If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model.”

  • Good Boy

    The breadth and subject matter that Banksy chooses and asks us as viewers to engage with is always a basis of many discussions at our Knightsbridge townhouse. Motifs, either those which recur within new contexts and new messages, blend and converse with thematic concepts which have become part of the lexicon of contemporary art. In today's blog we explore one of our most favourite Banksy paintings: HMV.

  • A Hill To Live On

    Exploring Kids on Guns
    A Hill To Live On

    Kids on Guns is 2003 work by Banksy that depicts two children, hand in hand, standing upon a mound of weapons. Separating, or joining the two faceless children, is a heart shaped balloon. Why does this work resonate so deeply with collectors and Banksy aficionados? In today’s short blog, we examine Kids on Guns and place the work within the wider output of the artist.

  • A Master Potter

    “I’m not an innovator, ceramic-wise. I use very traditional forms, techniques and it’s merely the carrier of the message. That’s how I want to keep it. But I’m always aware that it’s a pot. It’s not like I take it for granted. I’m always aware that I’m working on a vase and what that means” Grayson Perry

  • Love is in the Bin

    The iconic shredded girl with balloon returns to auction
    Love is in the Bin

    October 14th sees, according to Sotheby’s “the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction” reemerging on the market following more than three years of speculation and intrigue.


    The shredded Girl with Balloon unique, aptly renamed and issued with a new certificate of authenticity by Pest Control as  “Love is in the Bin” is quite possibly the most famous incarnation of this iconic image.