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  • In conversation...

    Director Acoris Andipa Shares three of his favourite Banksy paintings
    In conversation...

    Sitting down at our Friday catch-up, the Andipa team discussed our latest arrivals and, of course, Banksy. Within the conversation PA Alexandra Nieto and Head of Digital Alexander Yellop (If you didn’t know Director Acoris’ middle name is Alex too - completing the hallowed A named triptych) pushed Acoris as to three of his favourite Banksy paintings. 

  • Grayson Perry's Art Club

    Heartwarming and inspiring.
    Grayson Perry's Art Club

    Writer. Broadcaster. Artist. Ceramist. Painter. Sculptor. Print-maker. Essex boy. Typical man in a dress. Labels exist to define us as individuals and with Grayson Perry it seems that there are not enough labels to ever do this multifaceted and fascinating person justice. Perry’s influence not just within the art world, but within wider culture, is a joy to behold and brings colour, raises important questions and establishes dialogues through subjects that delve into the heart of what it is to be human. In today’s article, we review the latest series ‘Grayson Perry’s Art Club’ which is currently broadcast on Channel 4.

  • From the Andipa Archives

    Three Seminal Artworks
    From the Andipa Archives

    The week beginning the 28th of February is an exciting time for many Banksy collectors across the world as a series of high-profile auctions are taking place in London. Across three of the major auction houses, Banksy original paintings are taking centre stage in a strong market that reflects the demand for the elusive artist’s works. In today’s article, we rewind the clock and explore three of the works that have graced our London townhouse.

  • What it means to be human

    Exploring Quinn
    What it means to be human

    Marc Quinn first came to prominence in the early 1990s, as part of the group known as the YBAs (Young British Artists) whose work and modus operandi redefined what it was to make and experience contemporary art. The mediums that Quinn explores include sculpture, installation, and painting where he questions "what it is to be human in the world today" through subjects including the body, genetics, identity, environment, and the media. In today’s article, we look into his influences and style.


  • A Model Citizen

    Banksy was back in the headlines recently with a big result on a small scale. Following on from his Great British Spraycation adventures of last year one of the stellar new street works he produced recently sold at auction for more than £1m GBP.

  • Welcoming Tapies to our collection

    One of our latest acquisitions
    Welcoming Tapies to our collection

    One of the latest additions to the Andipa collection, spanning over 2,000 years of contemporary art, is the wonderful Homage to Picasso by Catalan artist Antoni Tapies. In today’s article we examine the painting and speak with Director Acoris Andipa as to why this is a must-have work.

  • Santa's Ghetto

    A Short Retrospective

    The festive season is fast approaching and with it we rewind the clock at Andipa and look to the past at a series of Banksy exhibitions that helped to cement him as Britain’s most prominent street artist. Taking place yearly between 2002-2007, Santa’s Ghetto was a pop up concept store that appeared in various locations across London. Organised by Pictures on Walls, the yearly show was a group exhibition featuring artists represented by the esteemed publishers. Showcasing editions, originals and sculptures notable artists included Jamie Hewlett, Mode 2, Space Invader and, of course, Banksy.

  • Lights, Camera, Action!

    The importance of 3D Rat with Glasses and Fly

    Rats, along with monkeys, are an archetypal motif that Banksy uses across his works. An iconic subject, Banksy in his 2005 book Wall and Peace, writes“[Rats] exist without permission. They are hated, hunted and persecuted. They live in quiet desperation amongst the filth. And yet they are capable of bringing entire civilisations to their knees. If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model.”

  • Good Boy

    The breadth and subject matter that Banksy chooses and asks us as viewers to engage with is always a basis of many discussions at our Knightsbridge townhouse. Motifs, either those which recur within new contexts and new messages, blend and converse with thematic concepts which have become part of the lexicon of contemporary art. In today's blog we explore one of our most favourite Banksy paintings: HMV.

  • A Hill To Live On

    Exploring Kids on Guns
    A Hill To Live On

    Kids on Guns is 2003 work by Banksy that depicts two children, hand in hand, standing upon a mound of weapons. Separating, or joining the two faceless children, is a heart shaped balloon. Why does this work resonate so deeply with collectors and Banksy aficionados? In today’s short blog, we examine Kids on Guns and place the work within the wider output of the artist.

  • A Master Potter

    “I’m not an innovator, ceramic-wise. I use very traditional forms, techniques and it’s merely the carrier of the message. That’s how I want to keep it. But I’m always aware that it’s a pot. It’s not like I take it for granted. I’m always aware that I’m working on a vase and what that means” Grayson Perry

  • Love is in the Bin

    The iconic shredded girl with balloon returns to auction
    Love is in the Bin

    October 14th sees, according to Sotheby’s “the first artwork in history to have been created live during an auction” reemerging on the market following more than three years of speculation and intrigue.


    The shredded Girl with Balloon unique, aptly renamed and issued with a new certificate of authenticity by Pest Control as  “Love is in the Bin” is quite possibly the most famous incarnation of this iconic image.