Experiments in Abstraction: Andipa, London

11 October - 3 November 2007

Andipa Gallery proudly presents works by Bridget Riley, Damien Hirst, Keith Coventry and Mark Francis. Underlying the simple vocabulary of abstract form and vibrant colours, the considered, explorative nature of each of these individuals’ practices is apparent, cementing their reputations as some of Britain’s most engaging artists.


A strong collection of works by Bridget Riley are presented; from such carefully produced works as Fete, 1989, as seen above, registering as many as sixteen colours, to the evolvement of larger units of colours and new elements such as the curve, capturing a new openness and sense of depth within her work.


Damien Hirst’s spot etchings delve further into Riley’s experimentation with colour, exploring the range of effects repeated colours can have when placed in varied arrangements. In addition to Hirst’s most recent set of spot etchings, released this summer, earlier spot etchings and unique spins are also on display.


Works from Keith Coventry’s two series, White Abstracts and Estates, are brought together in this exhibition. These unique works explore complex political-economic ideas, offering a critique on modern social issues while presenting powerfully simplified, abstract form. The simultaneity of abstract narrative is further recognised within Mark Francis’ seductive surfaces of cellular clusters.


Optically vibrant, simultaneously subtle and complex, Experiments in Abstraction presents a strong collection of sensational, engaging works by a selection of artists that have gained international recognition and remain today prominent representatives of British art.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works