26 June - 26 July 2008

In the summer of 2008 Andipa Gallery staged its first group exhibition of work by renowned urban artists. The exhibition 'Trespass Alliance: Inside Urban Art' included work by globally acclaimed names such as D*Face (UK), Faile (Canada, USA), Jose Parla (USA), Swoon (USA) and WK Interact (USA/France) through to the subversive ceramics of Charles Krafft (USA) and newly commissioned works by up-and-coming talent Nick Georgiou (USA), Slinkachu (UK), Beejoir (UK) and Laura Keeble (UK).

Trespass Alliance was co-curated by Patrick Nguyen and featured works ranging from D*Face's subversive figures and Faile's iconic wheat-pasted and stenciled images to the intricate newsprint sculptures of Georgiou and Slinkachu's site-specific miniature installations. This exhibition followed the hugely successful Banksy from the collection of Andipa Gallery, which brought 25,000 people to West London during its four-week run earlier this year.

Trespass Alliance captured the critical and public attention that Urban Art has gained around the world. Interest in the work of urban artists has recently soared, alongside the recognition of Urban Art's relevance in illustrating and highlighting socio-political issues. The growing appreciation is reflected in the increasing number of works by urban artists surfacing at auction - at times within dedicated sales - as well as in Tate Modern's first major public display of Street Art in 2008, with monumental works currently adorning the gallery's riverside facade.

'Trespass Alliance: Inside Urban Art' showcased the vibrancy and striking visual language of Urban Art through a range of works including those on canvas, paper and panel by recognised urban artists, as well as newly commissioned site-specific installations. Andipa Gallery does not endorse the removal of street works from their original context and only sells studio created works.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works