New Banksy Appears in London

Spring is in the air?
March 18, 2024
New Banksy London

Spring is in the air?


Revealing his latest creation on social media,  the renowned artist shared both pre-and-post images of the mural located in Finsbury Park. The artwork features green spray paint mimicking foliage on a wall behind a pruned tree, with a stencilled figure holding a spray can of sorts nearby.

Residents and Banksy fans have flocked to view the  ew mural, with one local expressing pride in their neighbourhood being chosen as its backdrop. Wanja Sellers, a resident, described feeling a personal connection to the artwork, seeing it as a message directed at the area and borough.

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also expressed his delight at the mural's appearance in his constituency of Islington North. Acknowledging the necessity of green spaces in densely populated areas, Corbyn welcomed Banksy's contribution.


New Banksy London

Green Flags


According to James Peak, known for the BBC Radio 4 series The Banksy Story, the mural features a striking contrast of green paint on a white wall, accompanied by Banksy's characteristic stencil style.

The green paint matches that used by Islington Council for local signage, demonstrating Banksy's attention to detail. Peak speculated that Banksy likely employed a pressure hose or fire extinguisher for the creation process due to the dripping effect of the paint on the wall and it’s energetic, rough style which contrasts to the neat figure underneath the faux-blossom. 


New Banksy London

The mural, depicting a burst of synthetic greenery, is seen by some as a commentary on the lack of natural spaces in urban environments.

Prior to Banksy confirming his authorship, Islington councillor Flora Williamson expressed excitement about the possibility of having a Banksy artwork in the area.

Islington Council has no plans to remove the mural, recognizing its cultural significance and the artist's intent.

The artwork incorporates a cherry tree in the foreground, estimated to be 40-50 years old and in declining health, prompting the council to ensure its preservation.

Banksy typically confirms his works on social media, and in this case, he posted images of the mural on Instagram without any commentary.

Banksy's identity remains a mystery, despite his global fame, with notable works including Kissing Coppers and the notorious shredded Girl with Balloon. We explore theories about Banksy in our blog “Who is Banksy?”

Incorporating a tree into his latest creation, Banksy has seemingly thwarted attempts at theft, as removing the artwork would also entail removing the tree itself. Prior to this work, Banksy creed a stop sign back in December which was promptly removed and stolen within 25 minutes of first appearing.

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