Poptastic: Andipa, London

16 July - 16 August 2003

Andipa Gallery introduces our summer special exhibition 'Poptastic', a collection of paintings, prints and sculptures from the Pop Generation.

The exhibition features works produced by some of the most iconic artists of the Pop Art movement, including that of Warhol, Lichtenstein, Calder, Jones, Haring, and more. The show promises to be a blast of vivid color, strong lines and powerful imagery characteristic of Pop Art.

Warhol is an artist of particular importance. He began the exploration of the relationship between popular culture and artistic expression, and was particularly prominent in the 1960’s with his Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe paintings. Since then he has been an inspiration to many flourishing modern contemporaries to this day. Warhol experimented with various medias during his career, but is renowned for his success in printmaking and screen printing. We will be excited to display two screen-prints, one unique, as well as several limited edition prints at this exhibition.

Please join us for American style pop and fries in celebration of our opening reception on Wednesday 16 July 2003 from 6:30 pm at Andipa Gallery on Walton Street in Knightsbridge.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works