Multitude, Solitude | Peter Burke: Andipa, London

5 February 2019 - 12 July 2023
“As we move into ever larger centres of population, from necessity or desire, there are inevitable questions about what this means for us as individuals...”

Andipa is delighted to announce a major new series of work by British contemporary sculptor Peter Burke. Opening on Thursday 5 November, 'Multitude, Solitude' will feature a fascinating collection of unique works including free-standing and wall-mounted sculpture.

Burke has for some time been exploring and intensively questioning the frailty of the human condition; his steel tableaux evoke Orwellian tendencies which re-affirm our indulgence in surveillance and society’s constraints on an individuals' free movement. We think of ourselves as independent but never so much as isolated figures forming part of a mass.

For more information or inquiries please email or contact the gallery during our regular opening times.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works