David Roux-Fouillet | Morphoses: Andipa, London

12 October - 12 November 2011
"His work unveils unexpected beauty in unexpected places..."

Andipa Contemporary is delighted to announce a new selling exhibition by recently graduated recipient of the Conran Award and Theo Fennell Award for Overall Excellence from The Royal College of Art, David Roux-Fouillet. On show at Andipa Contemporary, Knightsbridge, from Wednesday 12 October to Saturday 12 November 2011.

Fascinated by natures makers, the artist releases dozens of silkworms onto the necklace form, created using traditional casting techniques from Africa or experimental methods from his mind. As they follow their natural circular course, always remaining head to end in their curious and graceful dance, the necklace is transformed into a sculptural form, into living jewellery.

Exploring the delicate dynamics and symbiotic relationships between rarely connected materials, both living and inert, David Roux-Fouillet works at the crossroads of sculpture, film, and installation. The contradictory interplay between fragility and power, violence and grace, attraction and repulsion, control and disorder inform and empower his work. His work unveils unexpected beauty in unexpected places.

For Andipa Contemporary, Roux-Fouillet will create a field of lotus leaves, a hybrid environment where nature meets the manmade and boundaries between the synthetic and organic become blurred and ephemeral. At the heart of the installation lie a series of sculptural structures, which appear finely crafted from a delicate fabric. These constructions are not made by man but by the artist’s nurturing of the weaving of silk worms to form the walls of these ethereal and haunting forms. The grace and delicacy of man is contrasted with the grace and delicacy of nature. Through accompanying photographic and sculptural work, we see both the process and development of Roux-Fouillet’s exceptional creativity.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works