Museum Exhibition: War, Capitalism & Liberty: Palazzo Cipola, Rome Foundation, Italy

23 May - 4 September 2016

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”

Important:  The artist known as Banksy was not involved in this exhibition and did not provided any endorsements or support nor artworks for this show. This municipal exhibition was independently curated and presented. The artworks and objects presented in the exhibition were all from private collections.


‘WAR, CAPITALISM & LIBERTY’, was an exhibition held at the Palazzo Cipolla in Rome from May through to September 2016. The exhibition was a re-collective of the internationally renowned street artist Banksy, in which it unravelled his body of work for the public to visit, enjoy and even reflect upon the socio-political, and economic issues he addresses throughout. The expansiveness of the show even invited an educational aspect due to the critical nature of Banksy’s works that invite such reflections.

Although there isn’t a gallery that represents Banksy, Pest Control is an organisation that involves himself and his associates in representing his work and himself as an artist. His anonymity and refusal to conform means that he is as difficult to nail down as is his artwork, and thus a survey of his works had never been officially or unofficially exposed in a private museum to a public audience. 

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Installation Views