David Hockney | Graphics and Drawings: Andipa, London

27 September 2006

This autumn Andipa is proud to showcase a beautiful selection of original drawings, lithographs and limited edition signed prints by David Hockney.

The highlight of this show will undoubtedly be the rare, preparatory pool drawing, sketched at Tyler Graphics studios in New York. Titled ‘Swimming Pool’, the piece, drafted in brown ink, is reminiscent of the artist’s pool and water works created during his time in Los Angeles.

Using swimming pools as the subject for many of his paintings, Hockney explored the effects of light on water as well as the contrast between shadows cast by diving boards, and the fluidity of rippling water. Swimming pools, however, were not the only subjects of interest to Hockney, as he also created many successful portraits, photo-collages and later in his career, returning to Yorkshire, he painted numerous landscapes in bright, daring colours.

Come and admire a fabulous selection of Hockney’s work at Andipa Gallery beginning with our Private View: 27th September 6pm – 8pm. Contact the gallery for all enquiries or email sales@andipa.com.

Installation Views
Exhibition Works