Andipa Gallery & RBS present SPOTLIGHT 2015: Andipa, London

10 December 2015 - 9 January 2016
"His creativity emerges in the elegant combination of technical skill and conceptual knowledge..."

ANDIPA is delighted to partner with the Royal British Society of Sculptors (RBS) for a third consecutive year in SPOTLIGHT 2015. This yearly award engages with contemporary artists and their work by providing the opportunity for an emerging artist and RBS member to show their work in an exclusive solo exhibition at our gallery space in Knightsbridge.

Since its conception in 2013, the scale and reach of this award has expanded to include artists from all over the world including South America, the United States, Europe and Asia. Andipa works with the artists from concept to delivery, presenting the final show to our private and institutional international collectors.

This year’s applications were unprecedented in number and quality and it was a very tough decision to pick our winner. Previous winners of Spotlight are Andrew Burton (installation), Kate McLoeod (sculpture) and Lisa Selby (video, sound, performance). Please visit the Andipa and RBS websites for more details and exhibition information.

The winner of SPOTLIGHT 2015 is Giorgio Bevignani. Born in Italy, RBS Member Giorgio Bevignani currently lives and works in Bologna, Italy. In his studio located in the countryside outside Bologna, he molds and forms diverse materials into distinctive conglomerations that aggregate into larger constructions; relating the smaller elements to the larger form which are then arranged and mounted together to create a larger, cohesive work.

His creativity emerges in the elegant combination of technical skill and conceptual knowledge. His profound study of history, contemporary science, mythology, philosophy and mathematics greatly influences his work. Using special patinas, phosphorus tints and colors, his idiosyncrasy of composition and form, both playful and magical, combined and merged with a certain charm, create something new to the world.

Bevignani’s work is significant across many themes: connection to nature, culture, science and his use of positive and negative spaces filled with awareness of form create a body of work that seems to float and go beyond our understanding of gravity, time, space, light and balance.

Please help us welcome Giorgio Bevignani on Thursday 10 December at 6-8 pm for the Artist Reception and Private View of his award winning artwork, ‘I’m Ready to Live’, 2015. See the Exhibitions page for more details or contact the gallery directly to RSVP (

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